Actively shaping change

bk Group calls for sustainability and promotes it at all levels
bk Group is serious about of sustainability. Instead of just paying lip service, the company makes a long-term promise about the issue

Sustainability is a top-level priority, explains Gerold Wolfarth, CEO of bk Group: "To act in an ecologically and socially responsible way has always been part of our self-image. And we start with ourselves. For us, assuming responsibility means actively living it both internally and externally. This is why we invest in methods that can shape a better and more livable future”.

Actively promoting sustainability at all levels is also the key to long-term growth, success and added value for the company, according to Wolfarth. This includes a corporate culture based on trust and innovative models for the employees’ healthy work-life balance, but also the promotion of Europe-wide projects that are committed to renewable energies, protection of the environment and the preservation of humanity or an eco-friendly energy supply for the whole company, and last but not least the development of sustainable products for the clients of bk Group.

In addition to the renewable energy systems of the successfully completed photovoltaics project which now ensure the self-supply of all office buildings of the Endsee headquarters, bk Group is now also consistently driving forward the change of its vehicle fleet towards electromobility: 4 Tesla vehicles for the headquarters and 2 new Renault Zoe for the service technicians mark the start of the future mobility concept. The declared goal: In the long term, the company group’s entire European fleet shall be converted to electric vehicles.

"In our age of increased sensitivity for environment questions, sustainable corporate concepts are required that aim at a new balance between entrepreneurial pursuit of profit and social and ecological responsibility and focus, more than in the past, on the concern for the common interest, Wolfarth sums up his company’s understanding of sustainability, by at the same time referring to the classic entrepreneurship virtues of medium-sized companies.


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