GEFMA – New Member


GEFMABased on its many years of experience and its competence as an FM company that operates on international level, bk Group wants to support the goals of GEFMA and participate in the GEFMA task force "International Processes” in favor of the development of sustainable solutions that set new benchmarks and stimulate innovations.

With a gross value added of 134.28 billion euros, facility management is now one of the top 6 sectors of the German economy, within short distance just behind the automotive industry and ranking even ahead of mechanical engineering. GEFMA, together with its more than 1,000 committed member companies, has decisively shaped the sector and largely contributed to its positive development. The industry association considers itself as a network that creates additional values by establishing manifold links between service providers and users of facility management solutions and ensures a qualified information exchange and knowledge transfer.

As an institution that shapes the industry and has large influence in the market, GEFMA is aware of its responsibility concerning the formulation of consistent quality standards as it has done during more than 30 years. Nowadays GEFMA guidelines and certificates are an integral part of high-quality FM solutions. In addition to these issues mainly related to everyday business, GEFMA also takes up current and new challenges in the industry in joint working groups and think tanks in order to support its members in setting the decisive impulses for innovations in the market both today and in the future.

Gerold Wolfarth, CEO of bk Group, and Marc Arnold, the group’s Managing Director, are already looking forward to the future cooperation full of excitement and joy. “We are convinced that GEFMA is an experienced and innovative partner for us and that this collaboration will help us to further increase the exchange of experience with the market and to promote the development of future-oriented FM strategies also within our group”, says Marc Arnold, who will officially represent the bk Group in the task force "International Processes”.

Gerold Wolfarth expects FM solutions that can be synchronized on international level and binding benchmarks which will make the quality promise "Made in Germany" ascend to the top position which it deserves in an international comparison, also within the FM industry, in order to further strengthen the competitiveness of German companies.


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