NIESSING – New Boutique in Berlin


Europe's market leader for shopfitting and property construction with headquarters in Endsee stages contemporary jewelry design at Berlin's finest address

With its innovative design philosophy and high-quality craftsmanship, the manufacturer Niessing is widely recognized as the epitome of contemporary jewelry design. The company that has a rich tradition going back to its foundation already in 1873 in Vreden, Westphalia, is today one of the most renowned and successful brands for modern German jewelry design. Besides its locations in Germany’s fashion metropolises, Niessing has also its own stores in Japan, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

By means an open and modern design of this new store in Berlin, including only the essential architectural elements, and with a fine understanding of the possibilities of high-quality materials, bk Group has created exactly the right space for a skillful staging of Niessing’s fascinating brand and design world.

Niessing Managing Director Rudolf Scheben also confirms that the concept is an all-round success: "The long-standing and trusting cooperation made the decision in favor of bk Group easy for us. The company understood from the beginning: The Niessing world is not a world that you enter in the normal way. You are absorbed by it, start to feel how it is special and let yourself get carried away. The architecture and aesthetics of our stores should convey precisely these emotions to our visitors, supported by modern design that is pure form, and beautiful, functional and innovative at the same time. Just like Niessing jewelry!

CEO Gerold Wolfarth looks back with pride on the completed construction phase: "We are delighted to have created a new Niessing jewel in Berlin. This exciting project has inspired us, and at the same time it has been highly demanding for our designers, engineers and technicians. Above all concerning the time and project management. Before this gem could start to shine on Kurfürstendamm on time, on the planned opening day December 21st, 2018, massive demolition and renovation work as well as complex fire protection measures had to be mastered within only 5 weeks before the actual store expansion could take place. A mammoth task, which could only be coped with due to the good teamplay of all partners”.


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