VOLVO – New showroom concept

bk Group realizes a new VOLVO showroom concept in Dresden and will be responsible for the complete expansion of four further locations of Emil Frey Group


bk Group, Europe‘s market leader and general contractor for shopfitting and property construction projects with headquarters in Endsee convinces with its automotive competence and sets new benchmarks for the future-oriented brand staging in modern car dealership buildings.

With the implementation of the unique VOLVO showroom in Dresden, the Swiss Emil Frey Group wants to act according to general developments of the sector, but moreover play a decisive part in shaping the design of the sales areas of future car dealerships, in order to offer customers a completely new experience. The German Emil Frey Group is part of the Swiss Emil Frey Group with headquarters in Zurich, one of the leading independent car dealer groups in Europe with 600 car dealerships on the whole, 89 of which are located in Germany. In terms of brand diversity, sales channels, financial services and regional coverage, the group has a unique position in Germany. In addition to Dresden, further VOLVO showrooms according to the new design specifications are to be realized at existing locations in Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Frankfurt and Hildesheim. For all these projects, bk Group assumes all the tasks of a general contractor: from the original idea and planning to the complete interior fit-out including installation of the complete electrical, air-conditioning, heating and ventilation technology and the data lines, as well as future-oriented digital high-end technologies and elements. Considering the construction period that has recently been completed, CEO Gerold Wolfarth looks back with pride: „We have been enthusiastic about this extraordinary and innovative VOLVO showroom project right from the start, and on the other hand it has been highly demanding for our designers, engineers and project managers, due to the need of bringing creative brand experience concepts in line with the functionality of modern working environments and economic efficiency, and due to precise management concerning the parameters cost, time and quality that was required from the first to the last day”. The Emil Frey Group too expressed satisfaction about the successful kick-off of the future VOLVO world of experience: “In Dresden, we wanted to establish a new generation of automotive showrooms and offer customers a more intensive encounter with our brand VOLVO. And we have achieved this goal. With bk Group as a partner, our expectations in terms of design competence, expertise, efficiency and top-quality execution of the construction works have been more than fulfilled. We are looking forward to our next joint projects at the planned locations," commented a spokesman on the productive cooperation with bk Group.


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