bk Group continues its growth path in Europe and opens a new branch office in Berlin

bk Group continues its growth path in Europe and opens a new branch office in Berlin

After Düsseldorf and Barcelona and offices in Milan, Paris, London and Oslo, bk Group, which has its headquarters in Endsee, opens a new branch office in Berlin and continues its expansion in Europe.

The company group which operates on international level and is market leader for 365° retail solutions & services wants to strengthen its local presence in the most important European business regions even more in a cross-national way, especially as an answer to the rapidly growing demand in the segment comprehensive 24 hours maintenance service.

By consequence bk Group will be able in the future to offer an even better retail maintenance service with improved efficiency to the retailers of this region and to react faster and more flexibly to specific requests and wishes of its clients.

Berlin as Germany’s fashion metropolis has a high strategic importance for the international retail business. „The situation is the same for our clients who increase their involvement in this market considerably. The growing quantity of new stores leads to a higher need of comprehensive maintenance concepts. In other words: when our clients expand we want to be on site. The Europe-wide network of our branch offices grants us higher competence and better efficiency in the individual markets, be it for the perfect realization of complex construction projects or for the continent-wide maintenance for shops”, says Gerold Wolfarth, CEO of bk Group.

The market leader for 365° retail solutions & services is the only provider in Europe which offers its clients not only planning, design and shop-fitting, but also an all-in retail maintenance service throughout Europe that fulfills the technical quality standards and complies with the legal obligations of the different countries. Furthermore bk Group develops innovative technologies for efficient, fully automated shop, energy and cost management.

The company only works with its own employees. More than 200 highly qualified engineers and technicians from 27 countries and a perfectly organized logistics management make fast response times possible in any situation. For emergency cases, a free 24/7 hotline, available anywhere in Europe, ensures continuously the immediate availability.

bk Group‘s specialists think of themselves not only as experts for complex technologies and intelligent problem solving, but they are also personal contacts for the clients, because they speak the language of the individual country and have a very good knowledge about the specifics of the individual markets.

By now, already more than 4500 store managers of the world’s most renowned retailers trust in bk Group’s all-in carefree maintenance service which is unique in the sector.

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